Jeremiah Phillips Owner/President

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Jeremiah Phillips is currently working as a dolly grip and company grip in conjunction with Grip Rig Productions and has worked on several projects so far to include;

Shotgun – 2017- Produced by Hardline Films; was a rigging grip and electric rigger, light operator, and light panel dimmer operator.

Giolapal – 2017 – Radiant Heat Commercial 2017 – grip and electric swing.

IceBox  – 2017- produced by Icebox Productions – Company Grip

Desert – 2017 – produced by IF Productions in Arizona – company grip and electric swing

The Wind – 2017 – Electric Best Boy (Day Player, 2 days)

Willenberger – 2017-  Produced by Willenberger Productions – Set Electric for three weeks, Grip Best boy for two weeks

Of Stars and Magic – 2018 – Produced by T-ro Films – Grip, Special FX, Props Master, and Camera Operator

Too Old To Die Young – 2018 – 2nd Unit Electric/Lamp Operator

International Toyota Commercial 2018 – Produced by TMS – Set Electric/Lamp Operator

PSA Anti Smoking Commercial – 2018 – Key Grip

Short History of the Long Road 2018 – Produced by Short History LLC. – Company Grip/Dolly Grip

International Toyota Commercial – 2018 – Produced by TMS – Grip Best Boy

Walk Ride Rodeo – Produced by Walk Ride Rodeo LLC – 2018 – Company Grip / B Camera Dolly Grip

Walking with Herb – Produced by Walking With Herb LLC – 2018 – Dolly Grip

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Rattlesnake – 2018 – Netflix Movie- Company Grip


Prism -2019 – NBC Tv Series – Company grip

GoodYear – 2019 – Company Grip

Interrogations – 2019 – CBS TV series – Company Grip

Jumanji 3 – 2019 – New Mexico Unit – Company Grip

Google Docuseries – 2019- Google productions – Key Grip

The Au Pair – 2019 – Lifetime Productions – Key Grip/Dolly Grip

The Comeback Trail – 2019 – Comeback trail productions – Grip/B dolly Grip


Roswell Season 2 – 2019 – dolly grip – 2nd Unit

Minute Men – 2019 – Company Grip

News of the World – 2019 – Universal Studios -Dolly Grip


Big Sky Pilot – 2020 – A&E – A Dolly Grip

Intrusion – 2020 – Netflix – A Dolly Grip


Roswell – 2020 – CW – grip


When You Finish Saving The World – 2021 – A24/Netflix- A Dolly Grip

Outer Range – 2021 – AMC/Amazon – Dolly grip 2nd unit

End Of the Road – 2021 – EOTR productions – A dolly grip

Sponge-bob Saves Bikini Bottom – Nickelodeon – B dolly grip

Dark Winds Season 1 – AMC – A dolly grip



National Anthem – A dolly Grip

-Love Lies bleeding – Grip

– Dust – A dolly Grip

– Dark Winds season 2 – A dolly grip – AMC

Jeremiah has experience in photography from his time in law enforcement, where he attended an 80 hour course on crime scene investigations, and crime scene photography. Jeremiah spent three years total doing crime scene photography and truly enjoyed every day of it. He has been trained on portrait photography as well as large scale “scene” photography. You can see the work here and if you like what you see head over to our shutterstock account at www.shutterstock.com/jprimestudios. Subscribe to our youtube page, facebook page and instagram page as well.

Jeremiah also has a lot of experience in firearms from his time in law enforcement. He attended a 120 hour course on firearms instructor training, a 40 hour course on Basic Instructor Training, he has over 600 hours of range time training between pistol, rifle and shotgun, and attended an advanced rifle course that was 40 hours long, all accomplished through the Department of Public Safety. He also spent a lot of his own time out at the range every week training and fine tuning his own skills as well as helping others during their training courses. Jeremiah is a certified pistol instructor and range safety officer through the National Rifle Association as well, and is Firearms Instructor Certified through the Department of Public Safety.
After eight years in Law Enforcement Jeremiah decided to make a change in his life, and began working in construction. He was promoted very quickly to Project manager in a short amount of time and was responsible for over $750,000  worth of projects in the last year of his time there. Jeremiah built several custom homes, as well as, completed several home remodels under the supervision of Cory Burkett of Burkett Construction. At the end of his career with Burkett Construction the company began to build custom vintage travel trailers, and had approximately fifteen in line at the time for hotels across America.

Jeremiah has a long background in sound and recording, as his father had his own recording studio for many years and has a lot of equipment in this field. He has spent a lot of time assembling and rigging stage equipment and sound equipment and breaking it back down over the years. Jeremiah has also done sound work on a few smaller film projects in the last few months as well.

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